Ho ho ho

Vintage feeling, overdose, for sure. Necklace and earstud sets

If you are in the kissing mood:

make your grandmother happy : buy her these in real, and wear this set when you visit her, not those "ugly terrible plastick ones what you always wear, and whats that? a tatto? are you out of your mind?"

click to enlarge the pics for the fine details- i was too lazy to make nice makro-photos for you - sorry :)

I just realy seriously want snow in Bristol as well, Im so jelaous of the north. This set is like the Bristol Winter: half green, half white:

 ok this rocks I think:
Unmistakeably festive. Bevare, people will come close to read it. I mean really close.
And at least but not last the old showman.
No  xmas without him:
Enjoy :)

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