Ho ho ho

Vintage feeling, overdose, for sure. Necklace and earstud sets

If you are in the kissing mood:

make your grandmother happy : buy her these in real, and wear this set when you visit her, not those "ugly terrible plastick ones what you always wear, and whats that? a tatto? are you out of your mind?"

click to enlarge the pics for the fine details- i was too lazy to make nice makro-photos for you - sorry :)

I just realy seriously want snow in Bristol as well, Im so jelaous of the north. This set is like the Bristol Winter: half green, half white:

 ok this rocks I think:
Unmistakeably festive. Bevare, people will come close to read it. I mean really close.
And at least but not last the old showman.
No  xmas without him:
Enjoy :)



So, Aklü Design is growing, and Agnes, the new member (my earmodel) loves to sew. Thats pretty awesome, cause, she could change all the broken zips in my skirts, but also she can make gorgeous xmas decorations. soo here they are:

all of them is made with strong felt, so they will last for ages, and also they keep their shapes hanged up as well.
Every one of them is handmade, so they just similar, but actally all different .

Comes in three sizes, the biggest for the kids, the medium for the dads, and the case for the phones for mums
yes, this one is the "daddy" one. hey, thats a good idea! why not buy a guitar for dad? he would love it, Im sure. OK, now you owe me one, for the idea.

what i really love the small details, they just soo delicate:

soo, how do you like them?


hello honey

I love gingerbread. I mean LOVE it.I am making gingerbread since Im twelve. Its always the same recipe, and its always a huge succes. soft, cute, smells delicious, and taste lush.

actually its not really a gingerbread, but a honeybread.

i love bees.
u should love them as well.
plant flowers, bake honeybread.

aklü designs gingerbread project in progress

its actually a hard work. im not smiling. thats fake :)

smells , taste delicious. even raw. seriously.

the little jolly family is having fun of decorating the biscuits

forest of sweetness

will last about 3 days :)
going arty:

oh tannenbaum:

i am a star. a bit dodgy, a bit ugly but defineately a star

guess the message is quite clear:

 love you xxx


vintage christmas

these are my new favourites,  the the full green is already in my ears :)r

charming  studs, with lovely vintage  christmas patterns, something  u just need for the festive period

 the back of them:
 this one is already stolen by the model, who happens to be my sister:

 accompanied with a green amber stud.

necklaces, and more studs on their way in this style



one of my collagues ordered "something special, girlish and sweet for two sisters, they like ballet"

well that really not my cup of tea, but the lady is nice, and hey, she paid for it :)

so i was sitting with a huge mess on my desk, and thinking what should i do:

well first of all, lets make one tidier photo, maybe the white background helps with the ideas

and yes, actually it did, and at the and, i made a quite set for her. I still dont like it, faaaar too sweet for my taste, but I guess, if I would be a 5 years old girl, I would give two colouring books for it.

at the end even my lips were covered with superglue, but hey, everything for the costumers :)


christmas bells

Yesterday I went treasure-shopping, and I found plain green tiny bells.
couldnt resist, soo here we are

I really like these ones, small, sweet, festive earrings, can spice up every dull november officeday.

they are actually tiny real bells,  - I decorated  them with golden, green and red sparkles,  beads and delicate red ribbon. the sweet  noize of it effectively dulled with the decoration - for wich you should be greetful, it can make even santa mad after three minutes that close to the ear



Inspiring little creature is she, check our her stuff:   http://abbiepask.blogspot.com/  the "texture" series are just sheer joy for my eyes.   delicate and deep, and I especialy love that she dares to draw UNCUTE faces.
If i would be able to do things like this,I would tell similar things about my parents I guess.

    she should stop being lazy

this is a bit of a teaser:

you should clean up

good things about being messy  - cut the pencils, and the leftover after the sharpening is still around:


pencil overload

Overkill> is the use of excessive force or action that goes further than is necessary to achieve its goal.
Overkill is especially used to refer to a desctuctive nuclear capacity exceeding the amount needed to destroy an enemy
these are the times, when I feel sorry that Im not able to use some proper photo editor program, these pics could be soo much better.

but sawing them up into small pieces was huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge fun, revenge on school, and the minipencil overkill was really cool. I laughed a lot. (thast kinda scary tough)


so it goes